Quantitative Solutions
Intelligence-driven Future



We provide solutions and consulting with focus on machine learning and quantitative modelling in Finance.


We organize training sessions and networking events for businesses on various quantitative topics.


We are actively developing a number of educational online platforms and mobile applications.


Machine Learning in Finance
with focus on Natural Language Processing
Quantitative Model Development
including Credit Scoring
Enterprise Risk & Capital Management
as well as Portfolio Analytics & Optimization

About us

The fascinating speed of advances in the field of artificial intelligence together with their increasingly open source nature, has become a key ingredient for companies to gain competitive advantage and hence strategically position themselves for the future.

With the vision of “Intelligence-driven future”, we partner with companies in Banking, Financial Services and Insurance to provide the full value chain across development, deployment, maintenance, as well as independent review of machine learning and quantitative models.

We are firm believers of benefits of knowledge transfer in our partnerships, and support our partners as well as the community through a number of educational events and initiatives including a number of educational platforms: IntelligenceReborn, QuotedWisdom, DebatedWisdom, and Lessesity.

Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you leverage on the latest developments in artificial intelligence.